Palty Hair Dye

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Benefits of Palty Hair Dye

Palty is the most popular hair dye specifically formulated for lightening asian hair The unique formula makes it the dye of choice for oriental hair. It is easy to use and lightens the hair extremely well. The dye gives a moist, shiny and silky finish while keeping your hair fully nourished. Palty is great for dark roots. It provides even coverage, while at the same time the strong pigment in the dye prevents fading. Foaming dyes like Palty go really far and provide great coverage for long hair as well.

Palty does not stain or leave marks after application, which is a major plus. The more often you apply palty hair dye the lighter your hair becomes. The process is straightforward. You just follow the step by step instructions on the box. This ensures that your hair maintains it’s natural oils. For those who have virgin or very dark colored hair palty helps in achieving a more natural looking chocolate brown color.

The formula contains moisturizing ingredients which are essential for your hair. There are twelve shades to choose from: Lemon Tea Blond, Marshmallow Ash, Honey Macaroon, Caramel Sauce, Macaroon Brown, Raspberry Jam, Chocolate Waffle, Dark Ganache, Custard Beige, Milk Tea Brown, Creamy Caramel, and Cinnamon Churros. Palty gives excellent results, your hair will be even softer and shinier than before.

Each Palty Hair Dye box comes with a tube of palty, conditioner, dye comb, mixing spoon, gloves anda cup. The dye contains a number of active ingredients for maintaining a moist and nourished head of hair. Camellia oil provides moisture, a silicone polymer guarantees smoothness and a botanical protein ensures hair protection. Camellia oil conditions and moisturizes the hair after treatment. The foam based application ensures an even spread of the dye throughout the hair. The creamy and elastic foam envelopes each hair individually.

Palty Color Range

Palty has a wide range of colors to choose from ranging from deep black to super sparkling blonde. Find out more about the best selling best selling palty hair dyes Check out our Google+Page
The following are the four different collections.

Palty hair color collection

These include dyes such as Bitter Cappucino, Caramel Brown, Macaroon Beige and Raspberry Macaroon.

Palty Hair Turn Color Collection

Popular turn colors include deep black, natural black and natural brown.

Palty Hair Bleach Color Collection

Popular bleache colors include Root Hard Gold, Brown Natural, Brown Super and Flash Sparkling Blonde.

Palty Bubble Hair Dye

These include bubble dyes such as Macaroon Honey, Caramel Sauce, Macaroon Beige, Raw Chocolate Waffle, Custard Beige, Milk Tea Brown and Cream Caramel.