Asian Hair Dye Application

There are a number of steps you should consider when using palty hair dye to dye your hair to your desired color. For best results wash your hair and use a good conditioner the day before you apply the dye. Following the instructions on the box is essential.
Before you begin applying the dye put on your gloves to protect your hands and wrap a towel around your shoulders. Squeeze the palty hair dye into the mixing bottle provided. Screw the lid back on tightly before shaking the bottle. Shake the bottle for about fifteen seconds until it is completely mixed. When the formula is completely mixed the dye will form into a creamy foam.

Apply the palty hair dye foam onto your dry hair by using the dye comb provided. Make sure all the hair is covered paying special attention to the roots. If applying dye to long hair, gather it up after application and clip it to the top of your head. Cover it with the plastic cap provided. Leave the dye in for roughly twenty to thirty minutes so that the color develops. If you want a stronger color wait slightly longer than the thirty minutes suggested. Then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. When you have dried your hair treat it with the enclosed camellia oil essense liquid. This will nourish and help maintain your hair’s natural oils.


If you are set on achieving a much lighter shade, you may need to bleach it first. Palty Hair Dye doesn’t have a bleach in the product but it has hydrogen peroxide which is another lightening agent commonly used in Japanese hair dyes. However Palty do a bleach especially formulated so that you can prep the hair beforehand. If you are looking for a chocolate brown color you don’t need to bleach it first.


If any dye has managed to get on to your skin especially around the ears or the back of your neck during the process use a small damp cloth to remove it. Gather your hair up and clip it to the top of your head and put on the plastic cap provided. Follow the instructions on the box for conditioning your hair after treatment in order to nourish your hair and maintain it’s essential oils.

When using the product for the first time it is recommended leaving the dye in for about thirty to forty five minutes. This should ensure that your hair turns out like the color on the box. If you have thick long jet black hair or shoulder length hair you may need to use at least two boxes of palty hair dyePalty Hair Dye to ensure total coverage.